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Have you ever asked yourself these questions, “Why am I here?”  “What am I suppose to be doing?”  “What is my purpose in life?”  “My goal is to help individuals and companies gain clear perspective of their current environment and formulate a plan that will allow them to grow and achieve success.”  It is my goal to help them on to a path that will Optimize their future Success.

We have all been given unique talents and passions.  My mission is to help clients zero in on what those passions and talents are.  By using a series of tools and exercises to mine out internal truths and beliefs I help clients form an outline for living a fulfilling life.  This outline will help clients to evaluate not only career path decisions, but also personal life decisions and life balance.

It is often difficult to see the forest through the trees and this is where my years of experience can help.  Knowing your landscape and formulating a framework that will allow growth is a key element to success.  I bring a faith based approach and principles to the playing field to help clients gain traction toward success.

Greg Seethaler Personal Development
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A StratOp Experience is a facilitator-guided process that creates an environment of breakthrough across organizational silos.  The result is a custom-tailored organizational strategy.  It is hand-crafted through key moments of clarity and unity with your leadership team.

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LifePlan Experience is a one-on-one facilitator-guided strategic discovery process that results in a custom-tailored total-life strategy.  It is a personalized plan allowing you to grow to new heights and optimize your future Life Purpose, Vision, and Mission.

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