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I was raised in Alaska with a sense of independence and adventure.  I am a cancer survivor of over 25 years.  I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA in Marketing. I spent over twenty years working in a variety of fields including the banking industry, hotel management, motorcycle and bicycle industries, commercial real estate, and medical physician relations.  I have a solid foundation and understanding of the challenges that individuals and companies face.  One common thread that I’ve seen, is that even successful people and companies still have areas in which they struggle.  I help to reduce this gap and increase the success of my clients.

I have also been an athlete my whole life and have participated in a wide variety of individual and team sports at a high level and continue to today.  I have also provided coaching to athletes and have helped coach middle school cross country running.

I am a husband and father.
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Coaching Beliefs

My personal philosophy is: “Humble yourself and provide vision and support to those you lead.”
Growth happens over time.  It is an ongoing process.  Determining the outcome you seek and then applying a process to work toward that outcome is my mission.”

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